Charmed celebrates its 25th anniversary: ​​10 stars who started in the cult series

Charmed celebrates its 25th anniversary: ​​10 stars who started in the cult series

Amy Adams, Norman Reedus, Michael Weatherly and Jon Hamm were with the Halliwells before they were stars.

On October 7, 1998, the Halliwell sisters discovered the Power of Three. Charmed made its debut on television and 25 years later, the magical creation is remembered as the drama that revived the career of‘Alyssa Milano and of Shannen Dohertyfrom the series that discovered Rose McGowan and who revealed Holly Marie Combs. But over the course of its 8 seasons, it has also seen the passage, for the duration of an episode, of a few choice guest stars, who were making their debut on screen here, or who had not yet become the superstars they were. are today. We reopen the Book of Shadows for the occasion:

Amy Adams

Without a doubt the biggest star on the list. Before playing Lois Lane in the movies, she appeared in a season 2 episode of Charmed, playing Maggie Murphy, a young woman cursed and haunted by bad luck. (Hence the episode title, “Murphy’s Luck.”)

Norman Reedus

Before being the badass Daryl Dixon of The Walking Deadhe was Paige’s boyfriend, in a brief episode in season 5, but was never able to overcome his fear of commitment.

Jon Hamm

In a season 7 episode, Paige and Kyle went back in time to discover the truth about her parents’ deaths. And that’s where Don Draper from Mad Men appeared !

Ashley Tisdale

5 years before playing the villain of High School Musicalthe young actress was on the run in Charmedchased by Phoebe who has become a Banshee – in the penultimate episode of the third season.

John Cho

The actor who will become one of the crew members of the new films Star Trek or the hero of the series Cowboy Bebop from Netflix played a ghost saved by the three witches, in one of the very first episodes of the series, in 1999 (just after making his debut in American Pie).

Michael Weatherly

A decade before playing DiNozzo in NCIS or more recently Bullhe played a villain wishing to leave the demonic wizard clan, with the help of the witches.

Eric Dane

Before he was Dr. Mark Sloan aka Dr. Glamor of Grey’s Anatomythe young actor played a handsome millionaire named Jason Dean who appeared in nine episodes of the magical series and almost became Phoebe’s true love!

Christina Milian

Two years before the release of her first single “AM to PM” which made her a singing star, Matt Pokora’s future partner played in an episode of season 2 of Charmedas a young victim of kidnapping.

Zachary Quinto

As in his role in Heroesthe future Spok of films Star Trek tried to open people like a savage, during his appearance in season 5!

Rainn Wilson

He was a walking nightmare in The Office. But before he was the unforgettable Dwight Schrute from Dunder Mifflin, he played this knife-wielding alchemist in this season 3 episode of Charmed.

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