Christian Clavier, evening star on TV: the actor is starring in three comedies simultaneously

Christian Clavier, evening star on TV: the actor is starring in three comedies simultaneously

And his new film, Cocorico, is a hit in theaters.

Christian Clavier will be in triple competition with himself, this evening on television. Just as his new comedy, cock-a-doodle Doois approaching one and a half million cinema admissions.

Canal + will offer one of its most recent films at 9:10 p.m., The Revenge of Master Poutifardproduced by PEF, who found the actor after Teachers. This story of revenge by a teacher against his most rowdy former students was seen by 530,000 curious people last year.

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M6 will offer in parallel With open arms (2017), another comedy directed by Philippe de Chauveron. A reunion film, there too, since it is the director of What have we done to the good Lord? and its aftermath. Despite its devastating reviews, this story of a rich couple welcoming Roma into their home was seen by 1 million spectators upon its release.

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Finally, Chérie 25 will broadcast at the same time An hour of tranquilitya comedy by Patrice Leconte, the director of Tannedwhich also crossed the million admissions mark upon its release.

In 2014, the director here adapted a successful play by Florian Zeller, who subsequently filmed the dramas The Father And The Son. On stage, it was Fabrice Luchini who played this hyperactive man dreaming of being able to listen to a jazz record in peace, but who ended up beside himself, constantly interrupted by those close to him.

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Remember that Christian Clavier is the most popular French actor of the moment. He is the only one alive to be on the poster of four films having recorded more than ten million admissions in theaters:

1. Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra – 14,559,509 million
2. Visitors – 13,782,991 million
3. What have we done to the Good Lord? – 11,924,285 million
4. Les Bronzés 3: Friends for life – 10,355,930 million

In the rest of his filmography, he counts seven films which each attracted between 3 and 8 million spectators, seven others having crossed the 2 million mark, and a dozen additional million-selling productions!

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