Christopher Nolan apologized for giving Florence Pugh such a small role in Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan apologized for giving Florence Pugh such a small role in Oppenheimer

Jean Tatlock appears little on the screen, but she held a big place in the life of Robert J. Oppenheimer.

Florence Pugh revealed to MTV that Christopher Nolan apologized by offering him the role of Jean Tatlock in Oppenheimer. Aware that the actress would have little screen time, only a handful of scenes with Cillian Murphy in the lead role, the director and screenwriter of the biopic of the father of the atomic bomb let her know that he would understand if she refused his offer. “But I didn’t care the size of the role. Even if it was to play a waitress in the background in a café, I would have said yes to her!”she explains, enthusiastic about the idea of ​​filming under the direction of the director ofInterstellar.

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“We met in New York for a drink and to talk about the film, continues the 27-year-old actress. I finished filmingA Good Person. I remember I was exhausted, I had just finished my day on the set and had planned some location scouting for him the next day. It was a weird moment in my career, one of those moments when you can’t believe what you’re going through. I thought : ‘I’m going to meet Christopher Nolan!’, and he started by apologizing for the size of the role. I was in mode: ‘Oh no, don’t apologize!’ He told me : ‘We send you the script, you read it and you make your decision. I would completely understand if role size is an issue.’ Then while reading it, I saw myself in it completely. I advanced in the scenario by saying to myself: ‘I know I can do it.’ (laughs) It was amazing.”

In the film, which was a hit this summer at the cinema, Florence Pugh is actually not very present, but her role is very important in understanding what the main character has been through. Without spoiler (you can read here the decryption of one of his key scenes of Jean Tatlock), it is a woman who has enormously counted in the life of the scientist.

More generally, there is little female presence in Oppenheimerbut Emily Blunt, who plays the wife of the protagonist, also has at least one scene that allows her to shine.

Hiring Florence Pugh and showing her naked twice in Oppenheimer despite its few scenes could be criticized, but this obviously did not bother the actress, nor her play partner, Cillian Murphy. “These scenes are vital (to understand the project), explained the actor to GQ during the summer. For me, his relationship with Jean Tatlock provides the most moving moments in the film. I think that’s the key to this story. So these scenes (of sex) are worth it. Well, nobody likes to shoot that, because it’s embarrassing, but it’s part of our job, you have to go. “

Oppenheimer is still in theaters. Here is its trailer:

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