Christopher Nolan compares Dune 2 to The Empire Strikes Back

Christopher Nolan would love to make a horror film

“I think a good horror film requires a truly exceptional idea, and those are rare,” says the Oppenheimer director.

It was during a round table held at the British Film Institute on February 15 that Christopher Nolan set the heart of every good movie buff in turmoil. When asked if he would consider the possibility of turning to the horror genre, the director replied that he would not be against it, but on one condition. “Horror films are interesting because they rely on very cinematic devices, reports Variety. They depict purely visceral reactions to things. I’d love to make one at some point, but I think a good horror film requires a truly exceptional idea, and those are rare. I haven’t yet found the story that would lend itself to it.” It must be said that it is a genre that he has already experimented with in Oppenheimeramong so many others. “There are definitely horror elements in the film that resonate with its subject matter.”he confides to Variety.

If Nolan decided to embark on a project of this kind, equipped with his vision, but also with a substantial budget (Oppenheimer cost $100 million), the result could explode the global box office, with horror already one of the most profitable genres. A success that might not even need a Barbenheimer to ignite the powder. But beyond the financial aspect, Nolan above all sees an opportunity for creative freedom: “It’s one of the rare genres that studios produce a lot, but which present a form of darkness, of abstraction. They contain a lot of markers that are usually frowned upon by Hollywood, but which are accepted in this genre.”

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If the path of horror is a possibility considered, the filmmaker is not closing any doors, he who also evokes the privilege that would be the fact of making a James Bond. But for now, the bets are mainly on as to the number of golden statuettes that the one who has just won 9 BAFTAs, including Best Film and Best Director, will win. At the next Oscars, which will take place on March 11, Oppenheimer is nominated in 13 categories including Best Film and Best Director.

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