Dark Tower adaptation will be Mike Flanagan's next project

Dark Tower adaptation will be Mike Flanagan’s next project

“We had a productive spring, we made good progress on Dark Tower…”

After the failure of his last series The Midnight Clubcanceled by Netflix, Mike Flanagan will return to the platform in the coming months with The Fall of House Usher adapted from Edgar Allan Poe. A new series for the creator of Hill Housebefore embarking on a biblical enterprise.

The director of Doctor Sleep will embark next year on adapting darktower, based on the books of Stephen King. After the flop of the first version carried by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, he will be in charge of a huge franchise which will consist of 5 series and 2 films.

Despite the strikes, Mike Flanagan did not drop his idea and at Podcast Kingcast, he assures that it is even a priority:

“I feel really good where we are with this project. I’m happy with where we’re going, even if, at the moment, it’s completely frozen because of the strike. But we had a spring productive, we have made good progress darktower and we are making huge progress and I have every reason to believe that after the strike, this will be the number one priority!”

So how will he approach darktower ? Mike Flanagan does not mean anything : “We have some great partners that I can’t talk about, and we have some really exciting actors who will star in them.”, he teases without giving names. “I can’t speak, but we have potentially revolutionary approaches to filmmaking. What I can say is that my fear that everything we had developed will be destroyed (by the strike) does not worry me anymore.”

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