Ryan Gosling's Ken has his doll (but no Mojo Dojo Casa House!)

Ryan Gosling’s Ken has his doll (but no Mojo Dojo Casa House!)

After the heroine played by Margot Robbie and the “Weird Barbie” with the features of Kate McKinnon, make way for the interpreter of “I’am Just Ken” in her rebel costume.

The success of Barbie unsurprisingly leads to a multitude of derivative products. Soon after the film’s release, Mattel put on sale a Margot Robbie doll, who plays the title role of Greta Gerwig’s film. Then it was the turn of Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie” to be entitled to her collectible toy, and too bad if that contradicts the very essence of this character, which is not normally made as it is, but born of the transformations of its owners: she is all made up, badly hair and dressed in odds and ends because little girls subjected her to scissors and markers while playing with her…


After these two Barbies, therefore, Mattel is now sharing the first visuals of Ryan Gosling’s Ken, but beware of spoilers: this is the character who rebels in the second part of the film, shirtless but wearing a coat of (fake) fur, with a huge pendant “horse” around his neck, a bandana on his head and a banana with his name around his waist. Either her look during the performance of the song “I’m Just Ken”, when he is in the midst of an existential crisis and tries to draw inspiration from the patriarchy to impose his lifestyle on Barbieland. But be careful, no Mojo Dojo Casa House on the horizon: the house of his dreams is not included in the box.

So this Ken directly references the scenes most openly mocking the patriarchy, and it goes on sale for $75. Will he soon be joined by other dolls bearing the likeness of Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa or Kingsley Ben-Adir? History of being able to replay the phenomenal clip of“I’m Just Ken” ?

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