Peter Jackson loved The Hand: "It's the best horror movie I've seen in years"

Peter Jackson loved The Hand: “It’s the best horror movie I’ve seen in years”

“And it’s the most intense!”, Packs the director of Braindead.

The Philippou brothers have much to be proud of. Not content to be a hit in the United States with talk to me (translated The hand for its French distribution), the two young creators of the horror film have just received a shower of praise from peter jackson. A filmmaker who knows what he is talking about, since before experiencing enormous success thanks to the Lord of the Ringshe started behind the camera thanks to his completely crazy horror productions bad taste (1987) and Braindead (1992).

Braindead is 30 years old, and still “funny bloody” (review)

Invited to discover The hand via Ahi, the Australian distributor of the horror film, Jackson was so won over that his reaction was included in the official press release presenting the project.

“Talk to Me isn’t just successful, it’s really good, he considers. It’s the best horror movie I’ve seen in years. And it is the most intense! It’s scary from start to finish, and it’s disturbing too – in the best possible way.”

Peter Jackson is not the only director to have appreciated The hand :Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us, Nope) and Ari Aster (Midsommar) also let the two directors know that they loved this film produced by A24. “Jordan Peele called me via FaceTime to talk about the movieDanny told Evolution of Horror this summer. And Ari told me he was very special.” “And now we’re friends with Ari Aster!, adds Michael, who can’t believe it. He messaged me, and when my buddy saw him he said he recognized him from the premiere. He was all excited: ‘Ari was at our premiere!’ I asked him : ‘That guy?’, but instead of sending the photo to my buddy, I forwarded it to Ari Aster. I was so ashamed, it was one of those awkward moments where you feel your heart breaking down. (laughs)”

Unveiled to the public at Sundance last January, talk to me received a warm welcome before going to the cinema this summer. It follows Sophie Wilde as a grieving young woman whose friends meet after school for seances. As they try to communicate with the dead through an embalmed hand, one of their evenings turns into a nightmare.

Here is its trailer:

The directors of The Hand have already wrapped up its prequel

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