Sheriff Bass Reeves Looks So Cool: New Yellowstone Series Reveals

Sheriff Bass Reeves Looks So Cool: New Yellowstone Series Reveals

A first teaser for the new Yellowstone spin-off derived from the 1883 spin-off.

Waiting for the end of Yellowstone and the long-awaited debut of Matthew McConaughey, the saga of Taylor Sheridan will expand with a spin-off series 1883, which promises to make the Colts talk. The story of Bass Reeveslegendary sheriff of the Wild West, who is revealed in a first teaser (below).

Lawless: Bass Reeves will bring to life” the story of the legendary Sheriff of the Wild West. Reeves, known as the greatest pioneer hero in American history, who worked in the post-Reconstruction era as an Indian Territory Federal Marshal, capturing more than 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals without ever being harmed.”

David Oyelowo (Selma) will play the title hero, Bass Reevesthis legendary Old West lawman having actually existed while Dennis Quaidex-star of the 1980s (thanks to The Inner Adventure) will be Sherrill Lynn, another United States Marshal, he who had already played Colt in Tombstonealongside Kurt Russell (in 1993).

Lawless: Bass Reeves airing on Paramount+ this fall is expected to be a 6-episode limited series.

Remember that the franchise Yellowstone continues with season 5, with the spin-off 1923 and soon with another spin-off, 6666.

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