Denzel Washington: "I was never offered Man on Fire 2. I probably would have done it, in fact..."

Denzel Washington: “I was never offered Man on Fire 2. I probably would have done it, in fact…”

The Equalizer actor is delighted to reunite with Dakota Fanning in the third film in the saga, the only trilogy of his career.

On the occasion of the theatrical releaseEqualizer 3, First met his star, Denzel Washington. Wanting to know more about the only trilogy of his long career, we learned by surprise that the actor had not been courted to film in the sequel to Man on Firedespite the success of Tony Scott’s action film in 2004. “Make no mistake: I have never been offered Man on Fire 2. I probably would have done it, in fact… But you’re right, I refused certain sequels.”

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About Robert McCall, his anti-heroEqualizer, a particularly violent vigilante, he half-heartedly admits to wanting to move on. Denzel has already clearly stated thatEqualizer 3 would be his last film in the saga, each of which earned nearly $200 million at the box office. If director Antoine Fuqua seems willing to film a prequel dedicated to this character (played by the actor’s own son, John David Washington?), he decided to say goodbye to him with this third part.

“I see the end of my acting career coming very quicklyhe tells us. I will be able to concentrate on other passions. Directing, production and then other things outside the industry.”

Don’t think, however, that the 68-year-old actor is tired of acting: he concludes the interview by telling us that he loved filming in Equalizer 3. Notably for one reason in particular: this film marks his reunion with Dakota Fanning, who played the little girl he was responsible for protecting in Man on Fire.

“We filmed in Italy, it was very pleasant: the region was sublime, the wine was very good, he says. And then, I was happy to see Dakota again, whom I had met on Man on Fire. I followed her throughout her career – she even attended my daughter’s school. (…) I thought about the child she was in Tony Scott’s film. I looked up at her and I no longer saw this kid, but this impressive woman. It was very moving.”

To learn more about Equalizer 3see you on the newsstands: the complete interview with Denzel Washington can be read in Premiere n°543with Jonathan Cohen on the cover.

Trailer ofEqualizer 3currently in cinemas:

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