Dev Patel twice as violent in the second Monkey Man trailer

Dev Patel twice as violent in the second Monkey Man trailer

The revelation of Slumdog Millionaire definitely drops the mask in his revenge story.

At the start of the year, we discovered the first images of theaction movie to the John Wick signed Dev Patel. The actor's first attempt as a director, this film follows the bloody path traced by the passage of “Kid”an underground fighter barely released from prison and thrown body and soul into a murderous vendetta triggered by the assassination of his mother.

If the first trailer contrasted fighting scenes with scenes of a lost utopia, this second trailer definitively sweeps away anything that could resemble a form of tearful procrastination. No time to fool around, the Kid must languish.

Monkey Man is perhaps a first attempt, but we discover something maturely murky, surely influenced by the film's producer and master of sordidness himself, Jordan Peel. With his help, Dev Patel wants to forget his sterile beginnings. It's time for a fight and all moves are allowed, even the most unfair ones. In short, he who has dreamed of being an action movie star since Attack in Mumbailives the coming of age of his character as his own.

At his side, a myriad of individuals who, enemies and allies alike, participate in making him this “beast” of fight. We find Sharlto Copley, Vipin Sharma, Sobhita Dhulipala and Pitobash.

If the film keeps its promises, nothing says that Roadhouse will be the only fighting film to cause a sensation this year. To discover it in French theaters, you will have to wait until April 17, 2024.

Dev Patel Goes John Wick Mode in Monkey Man Trailer

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