Did Michael Caine star in his last movie?  “I’m sort of retired.”

Did Michael Caine star in his last movie? “I’m sort of retired.”

The Great Escaper, which has no release date in France, could mark his last appearance on screen.

He is 90 years old and today he suggests that the time has come for him to hang it up. Michael Caine suggests in the English press this week that The Great Escapercould be his last film.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, the Oscar-winning English actor spoke about this final role alongside Glenda Jackson, who died at age 87 in June, just a few months after filming ended. The Great Escaper, directed by Oliver Parker, is based on the true story of a British World War II veteran, Bernard Jordan (Caine), who escapes from his retirement home to attend the 70th anniversary of the D-Day celebrations in France.

“I was so happy to do it. I just loved the character of Bernie. I think he’s amazing, and it’s so beautifully written.” Michael Caine was also happy to return to a set, having not filmed for three years due to COVID-19. He then thought he was done with the profession, but was “delighted” to play again one last time, although playing has become quite difficult physically:

“They gave me a very good cane and I was able to do scenes that needed it. I would only do one take and then I would collapse. But hey, do one take and that’s it , it’s not really possible.”

As a result, Michael Caine believes that he is “kind of retired now. I’m 90 years old and I can’t walk properly and everything… I’ve had the best life possible. The best wife possible and the best family possible (… ) I now want to be remembered for the fact that I remained an actor my whole life and never went into anything else. I never left this profession and I never wanted to leave !”

If The Great Escaper is his last film, Michael Caine played a hundred roles in his career, some of which left their mark on the 7th art as in Hannah and her sisters (by Woody Allen) and God’s Work, Devil’s Part (by Lasse Hallström) for which he received an Oscar. But we will also remember his recent appearances with Christopher Nolan, in the trilogy Batman Or Prestige.

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