Is Camélia Jordana Irresistible on Disney +?  (critical)

Is Camélia Jordana Irresistible on Disney +? (critical)

A pure romantic comedy, lunar and assumed, finely written and carried by the natural charm of Camélia Jordana.

It’s a series like his rhythmic but languorous music, like his songs, simply moving. Camélia Jordana is bright, truly irresistible in this romantic comedy with the well-chosen title.

She plays Adèle, author and creator of a successful podcast who will succumb to love at first sight for Arthur. He is a mathematician and not very passionate. The two have almost nothing in common. But between them, it’s chemical. Alchemical even! As soon as she is in his presence, Adèle is subject to violent seizures which cause her to lose consciousness. She literally falls in love with him…

In a fully assumed poetic rom’com atmosphere, the excellent Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat (Nona and her daughters) signs the chronicle of an inevitable affair. With its gently lunar tone, a sincerity that bursts the screen and a joyful tenderness, Irresistible attempts to elucidate the mysteries of feelings and the unfathomable trauma of a breakup.

It’s light, often completely outdated and devoid of any cynicism. The dialogues exude sincerity, and even if it all sometimes sounds a little vain, the series occasionally reminds us of the good sides of Heart Plan from Netflix. While managing to find its own charm, essentially thanks to the presence of a Camélia Jordana who we had not seen so radiant since her time with Emmanuel Mouret.

Irresistible, in 6 episodes, on Disney Plus on September 20.

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