The book of solutions: Pierre Niney asks you not to spoil this “huge” cameo

The book of solutions: Pierre Niney asks you not to spoil this “huge” cameo

On Twitter, the actor teases the appearance of an “international pop icon” on screen.

Warning, this article contains spoilers!

Michael Gondry made his return to the cinema on September 13 with The Book of Solutionshis new film carried by Pierre Niney. The actor plays his alter-ego, Marc, an extravagant director who takes refuge in the Cévennes to finish his film with his aunt Denise (Françoise Lebrun). His loyal team follows him to help him: his editor (Blanche Gardin)his assistant (Frankie Wallach) and the handyman played by Mourad Boudaoud.

The Book of Solutions: Michel Gondry’s comeback with Pierre Niney (review)

But the film also reserves the appearance of a surprise guest. Although his name is mentioned several times relatively early on, it is only towards the end that he actually appears on screen. On Twitter, Niney also teased this “huge” cameo from an “international pop icon”.

Although Marc never doubted it, we don’t really expect that Sting himself comes to help him create the soundtrack for his film. And yet, this is indeed the case. Indeed, in fiction, Marc is determined to do everything his own way, including music, although he has no experience directing an orchestra. So here he is giving approximate directions to musicians, humming a melody to them or guiding them with his body until they find the perfect harmony.

Another fad, therefore: he needs Sting on guitar. By some miracle, his assistant managed to get him to come. “I was like a kid”, specifies Pierre Niney after sharing this famous scene with him. This is not the first time that Sting appears in a French film. In 2021, we already found it in Kaamelott, by Alexandre Astier, in the role of the Saxon Horsa.

After a week of operation, The Book of Solutions has already attracted 188,920 spectators in theaters.

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