Disney+ orders season 2 of Goosebumps... but with a whole new cast?

Disney+ orders season 2 of Goosebumps… but with a whole new cast?

Will the horror series be an anthology? This is what his official pitch suggests.

Disney + surprised fans Goosebumps with its new series freely inspired by the books of RL Stine. Because if the books represented a first step into horror culture for its young readers, the show broadcast last Halloween on the platform saw its concept turned upside down to scare slightly older spectators: the series is prohibited for children under 12 in France and under 14 in the United States. Which necessarily offers a very different proposition from the 1990s series, with a new cast for almost every episode, and family films with Jack Black.

Interviewed at the end of the broadcast of the first 10 episodes, the creators of the show Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller told us that they really wanted to continue the adventure, but without giving details. However, we felt that they wanted to work again with the same cast. Will we see Justin Long again (Jeepers Creepers), Miles McKenna (Good Girls), Ana Yi Puig, (Bull) and Zack Morris (EastEnders) in season 2? Not so sure !

Soon a season 2 of the new Goosebumps series? “We hope so, yes!”

By formalizing the launch of production of this sequel, Disney + has in fact shared a synopsis suggesting that it will instead be a completely new cast. And therefore an anthology series, like Fargo or True Detective ?

“In the upcoming season, teenage siblings will discover a threat within their own home, which will trigger a series of supernatural events that awaken a deeply buried mystery, we read in the Disney+ press release. As they plunge into the unknown, the duo finds themselves caught up in the mysterious story of five students who disappeared in 1994.

As in the first season, this sequel, still designed by the same duo, should therefore be divided between two chronologies: a current story, and an unexplained phenomenon that occurred thirty years earlier.

We suppose that the inspiration will once again come to mix several plots of the novels: season 1 started with a huge nod to Dangerous photosthen adapted The Haunted Mask or the essential Night of the puppets. Early fans of Goosebumps already believe they have recognized elements of The Haunted School (published in French under the title Terror at school) in this season 2 pitch.

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