Dwayne Johnson Still Doesn't Understand Why Black Adam 2 Was Canceled

Dwayne Johnson Still Doesn’t Understand Why Black Adam 2 Was Canceled

The Hollywood star questions the choices of James Gunn and Peter Safran at the head of DC Studios: “It will always be a big mystery for me!”

The debut of the action movie megastar, Dwayne Johnson, in the universe of superheroes, was expected as a huge cinematic event. But The Rock did not overturn the table. We cannot say that black adam was the hit hoped for by Warner Bros. So the studio decided to change everything by creating DC studios and handing over the reins to James Gunn and Peter Safran. Their mission: to start over from scratch, even if it means making a clean sweep of the past… and therefore of black adam.

All Rock he is, Dwayne Johnson had to resign himself to seeing his sticky avenger being sidelined. What he still has trouble digesting, as he confides this week in a new episode of Kevin Hart’s talk show on Peacock:

“‘Black Adam has been caught in the vortex of new leadership. There’s been such a change of direction. Any time you have a company, a publicly traded company, that’s making such changes in its direction, you have people who, creatively and fiscally, are driven to make decisions that one may not agree with.”

Dwayne Johnson still regrets not having had the chance to continue with his superhero and not having been able to do Black Adam 2 :

“It will always be a big mystery to me, the end of the Black Adam franchise. I made a film that had the best start of my career. Of course, it was not released in China and we could have -to be made an extra $100 or $200 million. But even without that, Black Adam was a perfect superhero to develop a franchise. We had Henry Cavill come back as Superman and everyone thought that was huge. Besides, we created a diverse gallery of superheroes around Black Adam, made up of men and women of color…”

black adam however, had not crossed the $400 million mark at the worldwide box office. Too weak for the film to be profitable. But for the actor, it was the arrival of the new DC Studios bosses that sealed the fate of the hero: “Kind of like when a new owner buys an NFL team, they want to choose their coach and their quarterback. It doesn’t matter how many Super Bowls or championship titles they’ve won…”

Black Adam 2 is actually not planned in the planning of the next films of DC Studios and the Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters. Maybe then…

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