RIP El Muerto?  Sony has removed the Spider-Man spin-off from its schedule

El Muerto: Bad Bunny half-heartedly confirms that he is no longer in the project

The pop star was to play the first Latino superhero from Marvel comics.

Last year at CinemaCon, Sony announced that Bad Bunnythe Latin pop star, would play El Muerto. For the first solo film of this character created in Marvel comics and antagonist of Spiderman. El Muerto is a luchadora Mexican wrestler, having received a mysterious mystical mask giving him superhuman powers.

Despite the excitement of Bad Bunny for the project, Sony removed the film from its release schedule last June, without it being known whether the project was abandoned or simply put on pause. Asked by Vanity Fair, the singer seemed to confirm that he would not make the film. He described the situation in relation to the project as “delicate”. His press officer finally gave up “obviously it’s out“, which could be translated as “Obviously it’s dead.” Or “Obviously everyone knows that.”

Marvel movie with Bad Bunny moves forward: El Muerto has found its director

Yet, Bad Bunny seemed like the perfect candidate for the role ofEl Muerto since in addition to diversifying his acting career, the star also made a sensational entry into the world of wrestling, by signing a contract with WWE: “It’s incredible ! I love wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling and now I’m a wrestler. This is why I love this character. It’s the perfect role for me. It will be epic”, he declared at CinemaCon.

El Muerto remains in development, and Sony is likely looking for a replacement Bad Bunny who can no longer play the leading role, in particular because of the schedule of his tour. It is Jonas Cuarónthe son ofAlfonso Cuarón (Gravity, The Sons of Man, Rome) who will be director on the project.

Bad Bunny will not be completely absent from our screens since after his roles in Fast and Furious 9 And Bullet Train, the star will appear alongside Gael Garcia Bernal In Cassandroa biopic about a gay wrestler. Bad Bunny admits to being a seasoned movie buff. Action films are not necessarily his favorite genre and he would really like to try his hand at drama, romance or comedy.

Cassandro: Gael Garcia Bernal as a gay wrestler (trailer)

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