Maeve and Otis at the heart of the trailer for the final season of Sex Education

Maeve and Otis at the heart of the trailer for the final season of Sex Education

The star couple of the Neflix series tests the long-distance relationship… Will it work?

Get out the tissues! With a certain sense of humor, Netflix today revealed the trailer for season 4 of Sex Education, which will also be the last in the series. So we’re going to say goodbye to Otis, Maeve, Eric and the others, who are going to discover a new establishment and new problems. Maeve will be in the United States to pursue brilliant studies and the video suggests that she will try to maintain her relationship with Otis from a distance. Obviously, the distance promises to be complicated for the two young people with bubbling hormones.

The synopsis gives more details: “After Moordale High School closes, Otis and Eric face a new milestone: their first day at Cavendish High School. Otis is eager to showcase his talents as a therapist, while Eric prays they won’t be considered losers this time. But Cavendish has a culture shock in store for Moordale alumni who thought they were progressive and discovered a truly avant-garde high school: daily yoga classes in the garden, acute environmental sensitivity and a group of students known for their… kindness! Viv is disconcerted by the lack of competition at this establishment run by the high school students themselves, while Jackson strives to get back after his breakup with Cal. Aimee tries her hand at something again by taking drawing lessons as a specialty education for the baccalaureate, and Adam wonders if he is really cut out for classical studies. In the United States, Maeve lives her dream at the prestigious Wallace University where she takes courses by cult author Thomas Molloy. Otis, who longs for her, must learn to no longer be the only son at home… nor the only therapist at school…”

We’ll see if Otis and Maeve end up together, at the end of a great concluding episode of 83 minutes, which looks like a final TV movie.

Season 4 of Sex Education will be seen on September 21 on Netflix.

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