Euphoria characters will soon leave high school

Euphoria characters will soon leave high school

The boss of HBO confirms the rumors around season 3 of the series, currently still in writing.

While we were wondering whether season 3 ofEuphoria would eventually see the light of day, it appears that the crews of the flagship HBO series are on the right track, even if its filming, which was supposed to begin earlier this year, has been postponed indefinitely, and the actors have received permission to devote himself to other projects.

This delay was due to Sam LevinsonTHE showrunner of the series, who has not yet finished writing this new part, which he announced he wanted to model on the aesthetics of the “dark movie”. In France for the preview of the second season of House of the Dragon, Casey Bloysthe HBO CEO confirmed that if Levinson had not completed the script forEuphoria 3, an important decision had been made:

“Sam (Levinson) is working (on the third season)reports Variety. There was a lot of back and forth… I think one of Sam's thoughts is that he no longer wants the story to take place in high school. That's where the whole plot has been happening so far, and that's what made sense at the time. So, when we take it away from there, it takes a lot of back and forth to know how to define the new boundaries of history and its future, etc. But I think he found an idea that he's excited about. He’s busy writing it.”

Filming for season 3 of Euphoria (again) postponed

Remember that the first two seasons ofEuphoria tell the story of Rue Bennett (Zendaya), young drug addict juggling between relapses, the loss of his father, high school and his first romantic feelings.

Last March, Sydney Sweeney already teased a change in temporality on the cover of Who What Wear. A leap forward of five years, which would allow her character, Cassie, and herself to “to grow” she said then.

However, this drastic change could worry some. Often, a change in temporality means a change in distribution. Casey Bloys wanted to reassure the most worried: the casting will be composed “from the same hard core”he confirms to Variety. We will therefore find Zendaya again, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney And Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie, Maude Apatow and surely Storm Reidwho plays the little sister of Zendaya's character, in this third part.

The question now remains when filming can begin. Euphoria 3 was scheduled for release in 2025, a date which seems compromised by the postponement of filming and the accumulation of projects by actors whose popularity has exploded in recent years.

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