Jeff Goldbum is Zeus for Netflix: KAOS has a release date

Jeff Goldbum is Zeus for Netflix: KAOS has a release date

Greek mythology as you’ve never seen it before…

This is an original way to revisit Greek mythology! Charlie Covell, creator of The End of the F***ing World, associated with producers of Chernobylhave imagined KAOSwhich will be one of the events of the streaming back-to-school season. The series with Jeff Goldblum in Zeus is announced for Thursday, August 29.

In this eight-episode series, the former Jurassic Park actor will play a Zeus “cruel” And “sometimes benevolent“, which does not have “no idea of ​​a plot to bring him down“.

The synopsis details: “Zeus has long enjoyed his status as king of the gods… until one day, upon waking, he discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. A dangerous neurosis sets in, followed by paranoia: Zeus is convinced that the end is near and sees warning signs everywhere. As for Hades, master of the Underworld and brother of Zeus on whom the latter could once count, he is secretly losing his grip on the world of darkness: a slew of dead people are waiting to be taken care of and are starting to grow impatient. Hera, queen of the gods, rules over the Earth and Zeus… in her own way. But now her power and freedom are threatened by Zeus’ growing paranoia, and Hera is forced to act. As for the rebellious son of the king of the gods, Dionysus, he is unmanageable and on the verge of a cosmic collision with his father...”

In the casting, we will see Cliff Curtis (Fear The Walking Dead) who will play Poseidon, god of the seas, Debi Mazar will wear Medusa’s poisonous hair, Janet McTeer will be Hera, goddess wife of Zeus, while David Thewlisthe former professor Lupin ofHarry Potterr will play the god of the underworld, Hades.

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