Evan Rachel Wood would like to know the end of Westworld: “It gives me insomnia!”

Evan Rachel Wood would like to know the end of Westworld: “It gives me insomnia!”

A few days before her first steps on the stage of Broadway, the actress returns to the premature cancellation of the series by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

At the end of 2022, the sky had fallen on the heads of fans of the series, while they were barely recovering from the broadcast in August of the fourth season of Westworld, an eminently SF series headed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. After an epic final episode, HBO chose not to renew the series for a fifth season due to significant audience drops. A choice which revolted the faithful of this television adaptation of the Mondwest by Michael Crichton, nominated for several Emmys since his debut on the small screen in 2016.

But the fans are not the only ones to express persistent disappointment, despite the years. In an interview given to The Hollywood Reporter for an off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors in which she plays the main role, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy), returns to this heartbreaking: “After building an arc and a character for almost ten years and not seeing where it was all going…I think for us and the audience it was terrible in many ways”.

Westworld canceled: the series ends after season 4, without end

Especially since it was with a monologue from his character, in full metamorphosis, that season four ended: “Some can escape death for a few months. Maybe even a few years. But ultimately, their species will become extinct. They will not survive the last creature that remembers them. And this creature is me”, prophesies Dolores. Will it go out, will it not go out?

Like the fans, the actress was left wanting more (and she’s not the only one in the cast). Because the creators bowed out without saying a word about the ending they imagined for the series: “It was devastating in many ways, first of all, because we weren’t told where the show was going. (…) They had their idea, and we were chomping at the bit waiting to see and hear what the conclusion would be, what it all meant. (…) After the series was canceled, I asked the creators: “Can you tell me how it ends? They didn’t want to.” A secret which perhaps suggests, as the actress suggests, a desire to finish later what they started so well: “I think that, one way or another, (…) we will be able to finish it, but I still don’t know. I still have insomnia.”

While waiting for a hypothetical revival, those nostalgic for the series can still watch it on MyCanal.

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