Wes Anderson will be the guest of honor at the Annecy Festival

Wes Anderson will be the guest of honor at the Annecy Festival

The filmmaker of The Life Aquatic and Asteroid City received the Cristal for best feature film in 2010 for Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The 2024 Annecy Animated Film Festival, scheduled for June 9 to 15, will receive a distinguished guest, Wes Anderson. The filmmaker will also host a masterclass around his approach to animated cinema (and cinema in general), stop motion and his conception of direction, while he is currently filming his next film The Phoenician Schemewith Michael Cera, Benicio Del Toro and Bill Murray.

As a reminder, Wes Anderson launched into animation in 2009 by directing Fantastic Mr. Fox (available on FirstMax), a stop motion feature film, adaptation of the eponymous short story by Roald Dahl who received the Feature Film Crystal at Annecy. Eight years later, he realized Isle of Dogs (also available on FirstMax), homage to Japanese culture and cinema. These two feature films will be screened during his visit to Annecy 2024. The director was already to be the guest of honor at the festival in 2020, but covid had decided otherwise.

For the artistic delegate of the Festival, Marcel JeanWes Anderson has had an exceptional influence on the revival of stop motion animation over the past decade. His elaborate dramaturgical vision, his refined and all-encompassing conception of staging have become a school and have inspired many young filmmakers. His visit to Annecy crowns a long story of love and admiration for his work. For us, it’s a real gift to offer to festival-goers!

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