“Everything was going too fast!”  Linda Hamilton doesn't like Terminator: Dark Fate

“Everything was going too fast!” Linda Hamilton doesn't like Terminator: Dark Fate

“I was 63 at the time and it was the most difficult filming I have ever experienced.”

We would have almost forgotten it… But after having been the legendary Sarah Connor in Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2 (1991), Linda Hamilton returned to play the survivor in the sixth version of the franchise, Terminator: Dark Fatewhere she found Arnold Schwarzenegger in the casting.

And obviously, she doesn't have any memorable memories of Tim Miller's feature film. In the Hollywood Reporter this week, she first explains “not to regret” the things she did in her career. “I think in the end, we mostly regret the things we didn't do“. Then she confides:

“I'm very happy to have returned to the Terminator franchise. I loved working with Tim Miller… Although I can't say I like the film. I've only seen it once . I felt like everything was moving too fast Afterwards, we did a good job on set, but it was the greatest and worst moment of my life, all rolled into one film.

Linda Hamilton continues and relates that at the time of the production of Terminator: Dark Fateshe had “63 years old or something like that” and that she had difficulty keeping up:

“It was the hardest shoot I've ever been through. Every day was like a triathlon: 'Now we're going to swim for two hours and then we're going to run for two hours.' I read 40 books during this production, because that's all I could do between takes: lie down and read, send my mind elsewhere and rest my body.”

Terminator: Dark Fate grossed approximately $261.1 million worldwide, the lowest score in the saga, after the first part in 1984.

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