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Exclusive: the Friends series will be visible in 4K by the end of the year!

Co-creator and director Kevin Bright confirms that all 236 episodes are being remastered.

It’s a release awaited by all fans of Friends for many months. Yes, the cult series will soon be released in 4K.

During an interview coming soon to our pages, Première was able to interview the creators of the cult series. And Kevin Brightco-creator, historical producer and director of around fifty episodes, tells us this:

“All 236 episodes of Friends are being upgraded to 4K! Very soon, sometime in 2024, they will be put online in 4k on the Max platform (formerly HBO Max).”

The Warner Bros platform will be available in France around summer. Fans of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler will then have the opportunity to rewatch the ten years of seasons in a new light, with unrivaled image quality: “Visually, it’s magnificent. And that will allow you to look Friends like you’ve never seen her before! The grain of the image will be perfect and you will be able to see new little details… But what is this thing at the bottom of the coffee that I never noticed?

A decade ago, in 2012, the first Blu-rays of Friends had already caused a shock wave among fans. With this HD version, a host of new elements (not always thought of by the production) have been invited into the image.

So long live the revolution Friends in 4K!

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