Fan pressure paid off, Warrior Nun will return for season 3 on Netflix

Fan pressure paid off, Warrior Nun will return for season 3 on Netflix

We thought the series was dead and buried, but that was without taking into account the influence of petitions and hashtags…

Surprise : Warrior Nun is back. Based on the comic book series Warrior Nun Arealathis fantastic series starred the Portuguese actress Alba Baptist as Ava Silva, a quadriplegic orphan who discovers she has supernatural powers that compel her to join an ancient order of warrior nuns. After first airing in 2020, Warrior Nun returned for a second season last November, before being canceled a month later.

A decision that had angered many fans… Furious, they did not hesitate to fight against Netflix’s decision by launching online petitions to convince the platform that the series was worth extending. One of them even collected more than 123,000 signatures! Today, after a massive fan campaign and the creation of the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag, their wish has finally been granted. On social networks this Wednesday morning, the showrunner Simon Barry announced that the series had been saved, renewed, and that a third season was in preparation:

Today, I am happy to officially announce that thanks to your combined voices, your passion and your incredible efforts, Warrior Nun will return and be even more EPIC than you can imagine. More details to come! SOON ! Thank you !

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