Lambert Wilson, legend of haute couture for Apple TV+

Lambert Wilson, legend of haute couture for Apple TV+

A new prestigious French series called La Maison.

After his spy streak Connection and while waiting Lentthe historical drama that will return to the life of Antonin Carême, the first chef in the world to know glory at the beginning of the 19th century, the Apple TV+ platform announces a new French series: The House. She will take us this time into the world of haute couture.

It will be a ten-part drama set within a legendary contemporary fashion house, offering “an immersive behind-the-scenes look at an ever-changing world, an ideal of French elegance and luxury but also the tumultuous lives of the families who rule this world” tease Apple.

Concretely, The House will be that of Vincent LeDu (played by Lambert Wilson), star designer of a famous century-old house. But his dynasty is in the midst of scandal and forced to reinvent itself after the broadcast of a video directly implicates him. “Her family’s haute-couture house is hanging by a thread. Perle Foster (Amira Casar), Vincent’s former muse and still today in his shadow, allied himself with Paloma Castel (Zita Hanrot), from a new generation of visionary stylists, in order to save and reinvent the Maison LEDU. She is claiming her rightful place, both within the LeDu family and the fashion world.”

In the rest of the cast, we will find Carole Bouquet, Pierre DeladonchampsAntoine Reinartz, Anne Consigny, Florence Loiret Caille and Ji-Min Park.

The series is currently filming in Paris and France. Created by the showrunners Jose Caltagirone And Valentine Milville and from an original idea by the executive producer Alex Bergerthe series is produced by Fabrice Gobert (Ghosts) And Daniel Grou aka Podz (Lupine). The House will be on view in 2024 on Apple TV+ and also in France for Canal+ subscribers.

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