For her role as director, Emily Blunt was inspired by Greta Gerwig

For her role as director, Emily Blunt was inspired by Greta Gerwig

The actress from The Fall Guy looks back on the genesis of her character to be discovered in David Leitch's latest film on May 1, 2024 at the cinema.

A few days before paying tribute to the work of the stuntmen in the company of Ryan Gosling In The Fall Guy, Emily Blunt confided in Total Film on how Jody Moreno was conceived.

In this action comedy, a love letter to the profession of understudy directed by David Leitchhimself a former stuntman, Emily Blunt plays the role of a director at the helm of her first blockbuster, a sort of“epic of cosmic magnitude”. However, the filming is undermined by the disappearance of the main actor that his understudy (and ex of the director) will try to find by all means.

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If Jodie Moreno, with her creative energy and her passion as a young director, seems to fit Emily Blunt's skin, it is because she has been thought through and reworked at length. In the March issue of Total Film devoted to the feature film by David Leitch, his wife and producer, Kelly McCormick, specifies:

“When we sold the film, Emily's role was that of a makeup artist, and we turned her into a director with this being her first try right before we gave her the first draft of the script. In this way, we had the impression that more was at stake.

A way of making the scenario even more meta than it already is with this story of a stuntman in search of the actor whose double he plays on a current shoot. Moreover, Emily Blunt admitted to having drawn on references straight from Hollywood to support her performance:

“We all created her together, because in the original script, she was quite severe, in the type of tough directors. But for me, it's always more interesting to play someone who is completely overwhelmed. (…) In this warmth and charm, we can see a little of Greta (Gerwig). She (Jodie Moreno) is a mix of a few other people I met and took inspiration from.”

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Thus definitively burying the symbolic hatchet of “barbenheimer”whose flame she had ironically rekindled during her appearance on the Academy of Oscars stage on March 10, Emily Blunt therefore admits to having been inspired by the figure of Greta Gerwigyoung and committed actress, screenwriter and director, notably at the origin of barbie, Lady Bird or Little Women.

A confession that promises an intense character, to be discovered opposite Ryan Gosling on May 1 in cinemas.

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