Francis Ford Coppola thrilled by Barbenheimer: "a victory for cinema"

Francis Ford Coppola thrilled by Barbenheimer: “a victory for cinema”

The director of The Godfather is delighted with the success of two films which are “neither sequels nor prequels”.

Nothing stops the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon. Barbie And Oppenheimer, both released on July 19, continue to break records. After initial enthusiastic reactions, blockbusters continue to attract the public en masse, and also arouse the admiration of professionals in the sector.

As he answered questions from his fans in an Instagram story, Francis Ford Coppola himself was delighted with this success:

“I haven’t seen them yet, but the fact that people are filling big rooms to go and see them, and that they’re not sequels or prequels but full-fledged works, that’s a win for the movie theater”, affirmed the director of the Godfather.

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Both films are nearing the end of their second week at the box office, and mark a busy summer in theaters. However, it was not won after the weaker than expected results for The Flash, Indiana Jones 5and even mission impossible 7 which is being overtaken by the tough “competition”.

A week after their release, Barbie And Oppenheimer both put in impressive performances. With a budget of 145 million, Greta Gerwig has already more than repaid its production costs, generating $337 million. Christopher Nolan also: the 100 million dollar film has already collected 173.

In France, the phenomenon is also wreaking havoc. Barbie is now in first position at the box office with nearly 1.7 million admissions. Oppenheimer sold 1.1 million tickets.

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