Furiosa: a saga Max Max, Marcello mio, Lightning: New releases at the cinema this week

Furiosa: a saga Max Max, Marcello mio, Lightning: New releases at the cinema this week

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By George Miller

The essential

We didn't dare dream of it, yet George Miller creates a new masterpiece in his chrome saga. Without Crazy Max in the credits, but with unstoppable fury

Furiosa (L'origin story of the rebel warrior character who stole the show from Mad Max jdans Fury Road ) would he disappoint? Be a new cold shower way Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome ? Don't panic: the film jumps into your throat straight away and won't let you go until two and a half hours later. George Miller is in full possession of his means. At the peak of his virtuosity storytellermaster of his kingdom, this Wasteland of sand, chrome and blood that he explores here in every corner. Furiosa is a masterpiece of world-building, not far fromAvatar 2, where the filmmaker has fun refining his vision, “enhancing” his universe. And watching this film, the way it grows as it is shown, the way it carries you away like a torrent, you have the impression of being the reader of an old grimoire found in the sands of the Australian outback which would also look a lot like our imminent future.

Frédéric Foubert

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By Christophe Honoré

Chiara Mastroianni plays Chiara Mastroianni. Catherine Deneuve, his mother; Melvil Poupaud and Benjamin Biolay, his exes and Nicole Garcia and Fabrice Luchini… the director and her partner in a future project, of which Chiara is testing. In the new Christophe Honoré, everything is true and yet nothing really is. Because very quickly, an unexpected element changes the cards. Chiara, who is constantly brought back to her parents, will decide to take on her father's identity. To become Marcello and impose it on an entourage. From this starting point, Honoré deploys an irresistible comedy, a hymn to the seventh art, in what it can be poetic and dizzying in its way of blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. And it is because he never stops looking in front of him that this Marcello mio never drowns in nostalgia while drawing from it an energy of wonder that sets it ablaze.

Thierry Cheze

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By Carmen Jaquier

1900, a scorching sun hits the mountain ranges of a Swiss valley where only deafening silence reigns. Elisabeth is on the verge of shaking this tranquility: sent to the convent at 12, she is forced to return five years later to the family farm in order to assume her new role as eldest when her big sister Innocente, qualified child of the devil throughout the village, dies mysteriously. While trying to uncover the truth, Elisabeth befriends three young men and a sexual fervor takes control of her body. And what could be louder than awakening female desire? Without ever falling into a banal representation of the first emotions, Lightning addresses in a sensory and modest way the enjoyment as much emotional as sexual of a young woman in construction. A coming of age dreamlike and striking.

Lucie Chiquer

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By David Zonana

To escape the dangerous landscape of Mexican working-class life, many young men join the military college in search of family and national respect. However, the humiliations and summary beatings that their superiors subject to future soldiers plunge them into a completely different level of violence. Heroic explores sexuality, impunity in hierarchical organizations and the normalization of online violence in just under an hour and a half without ever rushing. Between the daily exercises, the brutal regularity of the fanfares and the overhead shots which make the soldiers blend into a uniform mass, David Zonana's film has nothing to envy of the classics which depict the dissolution of identity of recruits in the army. Through the symmetrical beauty of his photography and his uncomfortable calm, Heroic takes us into the horror of games of domination and corruption.

Bastien Assie

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By Elodie Lélu

When Yvonne, a former feminist lawyer affected by Alzheimer's disease, permanently loses her mind, her stepson and granddaughter are forced to move in with her. In this melodrama full of good feelings which gives pride of place to the joys of intergenerational roommates, everything is a bit big: the dialogues supposed to imitate the language of teenagers, the grandmother who burns her bras in the garden… The characters , rather endearing, prevent the film from looking like an Alzheimer's prevention spot.

Emma Poesy



By Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette

42 years after Samuel Fuller, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette tackles Romain Gary's monster novel. But rather than reappropriating the work, the film simply takes up its broad outlines without ever trying to impose its mark. Behind the conventional portrait of America in the 1960s, the story of this white dog, trained to attack black people, is neglected. Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (The Goddess of Fire Flies) signs a surprisingly devitalized adaptation, a source of boredom.

Yohan Haddad

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