Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner and Kit Harington in a horror film inspired by the same historical fact

Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner and Kit Harington in a horror film inspired by a historical fact

The inheritance rights of the English crown led to the Wars of the Roses, a discontinuous civil conflict of the 15th century.

This is an announcement that should delight early fans of Game Of Thrones ! The former half-siblings of House Stark, Kit Harington And Sophie Turnerwill find themselves on the set of a horror film called The Dreadfulaccording to Deadline.

The scene is set in the 15th century, during the War of the Roses. This civil war took place in England and divided the royal House of Lancaster and the House of York, over rights of succession to the crown. Within this tension, Anne (Sophie Turner), a lonely foreigner lives on the fringes of society with her stepmother, Morwen. Their tranquility will be disturbed when a “ghost” from the past, a man embodied by Kit Harington. The project promises to embrace a British cultural heritage, reminiscent of Gothic literary classics, such as The Wuthering Heights ofEmily Brontë. It remains to be seen if Kit Harington will be the Heathcliff of Sophie Turner

Natasha Kermani (Lucky, V/H/S/85, Imitation Girl), no stranger to horror films, will write and direct the film.

You should know that this historic conflict greatly inspired George RR Martin for his literary series The iron Throneat the origin of the triumphant series Game Of Thrones. Much like the hit TV series, the horror film’s storyline echoes the epic historical heartbreak of the Houses of Lancaster and York, driven by the English crown.

Sophie Turner recently appeared in the film If you avenge me and the HBO miniseries The Staircase. She plans to participate in the British detective series Joan, in which she will play the criminal who marked the country, Joan Hannington.

Kit Haringtonhe continues his projects, notably by playing Dane Whitman, the Marvel Comics character who ultimately becomes the Dark Knight, in The Eternals. It cannot be ruled out that the actor will return in other MCU projects. However, it does not stop there, since last year, George RR Martin has confirmed that the actor is working with HBO to develop a Jon Snow spin-off.

This former Game of Thrones sage hopes to return in the Jon Snow spin-off

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