Gen V: full details on the characters of the spin-off of The Boys

Gen V: full details on the characters of the spin-off of The Boys

With lots of crazy new powers.

In a big month, The Boys will present its first version, the spin-off series Gen V, which will expand the universe at Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only university where students train to become the next generation of heroes, preferably with highly lucrative contracts. And when a group of super kids discover that something bigger and more sinister is going on at school, they are put to the test…

The series will be visible from September 29, with the posting of the first three episodes. Then Prime Video will air one new episode per week until November 3. And the streaming platform revealed who will play who in Gen V :

Jaz Sinclair is Marie Moreau, an 18-year-old superheroine who has the ability to control and weaponize her own blood. New to Godolkin University, run by Vought, she’s eager to prove she’s got what it takes to join the Seven, but she’s about to be sidetracked by a mystery within the school that she wants to unravel. .

Chance Perdomo is Andre Anderson, a student at Godolkin University with magnetic powers. He is Golden Boy’s best friend and the son of the famous superhero Polarity. Andre has a lot on his plate as he will have to revert to the Polarity name once his father retires. When Andre realizes something is up at school, he takes matters into his own hands to try to unravel the mystery.

Lizze Broadway is Emma Meyer, also known by her superhero name, Little Cricket, for her ability to become super small. Although insecure and naive, which often puts her in compromising positions, she befriends her freshman roommate, Marie, who will face the mysterious dangers of Godolkin University together.

Shelley Conn is Indira Shetty, the Dean of Godolkin University. She has no powers, but her background in superhero psychology and her unrivaled ability to analyze superhero motivations make her indispensable at school. His goal is to make Godolkin University the elite institution for superheroes and takes a particular interest in Marie, a newcomer to campus.

Maddie Phillips is Cate Dunlap, a student at Godolkin University who is close friends with Jordan and Andre. Cate is able to get people to do whatever she commands through the touch of her hands, which she uses to her advantage. Powerful and confident, she is also Luke’s girlfriend, making her one of the most popular superheroes on campus.

London Thor and Derek Luh are Jordan Li, a very competitive student at Godolkin University who will do anything to reach the top. He has the unique ability to shift from male to female form, allowing them to manifest different powers: male is dense and indestructible, while female is nimble and can launch energy blasts. Their distinct powers make them standout TAs at Brink’s crime-fighting school.

Asa Germann is Sam, a tormented super who desperately tries to escape the unfortunate circumstances in which he finds himself. He is extremely powerful, blessed with super strength and invulnerability. Although he has a good heart, he is tormented by his hallucinations, which sometimes prevent him from discerning right from wrong.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is Luke Riordan, also known by his superhero name, Golden Boy, due to his ability to set his entire body on fire. He is in his final year at Godolkin University and is among the top students, giving him the best chance of joining the Seven.

Sean Patrick Thomas is Polarity, the father of Andre, a well-known alumnus and administrator of Godolkin University. Polarity expects his son to follow in his footsteps by reverting to the Polarity name when he retires. He is convinced that Andre is destined to join the Seven and will stop at nothing to make his dream come true.

Clancy Brown is Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff, a renowned crime-fighting professor at Godolkin University who has taught superheroes such as A-Train, Maeve, and Fishman. He is dedicated to finding the best new talent from Godolkin University to join the Seven, and believes Golden Boy has what it takes to be next.

Marco Pigossi is Dr Edison Cardosa, a renowned doctor with ties to Godolkin University.

Watch the trailer for Gen V :

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