Giancarlo Esposito arrives at Marvel: "You'll never guess what role"

Giancarlo Esposito arrives at Marvel: “You'll never guess what role”

The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor teases an “original character” and a series to boot.

A few days ago, Giancarlo Esposito was on the Croisette to present the Megalopolis of Francis Ford Coppola, in which he plays one of the main roles. If the juggernaut film does not yet have a release date, the actor breaking Bad is ready to talk about these upcoming projects. One of them, he already announced some time ago, will take place in the MCU.

It remains to be seen what role of superhero or supervillain the sixty-six-year-old actor will play in the Marvel cosmogony. Because it will not be Professor X, as some people suggested. Esposito had fun teaser his character at the Fan Fusion event a few days ago.

“The MCU knocked on my door and it's a role you can't predictreports CinemaBlend. It will be teased and there will be a series afterwards.”

Before that, at the beginning of the month, Collider also cited a statement from the actor at CCXP, which affirmed that he would arrive in the ranks of the MCU “rather than we think” and that his character would be “better than anything you could imagine”.

Will Giancarlo Esposito be Marvel's new Professor X?

We can't help but participate in this “Who is it ?” life-size, the characters from Marvel films generally being taken from the comics. Could this character be Doctor Doom, or Magneto?

“Wouldn’t you like to see me play an original, new, fresh character in a Marvel movie? laughs the actor. So mark carefully what I am about to say: it will happen sooner than you think.”

A “original character”… Original in character, never seen on screen, or invented from scratch by the studios?

Let the most impatient rest assured, according to Esposito, this mystery character will soon be revealed. Maybe in a post-credits scene from the next Marvel movie? Deadpool & Wolverine will make their debut on July 24 (but Ryan Reynolds announced that there would be no post-credits scene), and Falcon will take over from Steve Rogers on February 12, 2025 in Captain America: Brave New World.

In any case, one piece of information did not fall on deaf ears: Esposito announced that with this character, he would surely return to the small screen, which he has always loved, whether in breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian, Godfather of Harlemor, more recently, in The Gentlemen.

In addition to MegalopolisGiancarlo Esposito will also be appearing this year in MaXXXine.

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