Godzilla Returns to Japan: Godzilla Minus One Trailer

Godzilla is super come in the first Minus One teaser

The giant radioactive lizard returns to the screens again but this time under a Japanese license.

It seems almost pointless to remember who is Godzilla since the monster has become a true pop icon since his first appearance in 1954. Godzilla Minus One is made by Takashi Yamazaki and is produced by Toho, a historic Japanese production company that brought to life the very first film in the franchise in 1954. The plot remains the same: after the war, Japan is at its lowest, and a giant radioactive monster appears and puts the country into a negative state (“from zero to minus” hence the title of this section).

The film is made up of an entirely Japanese cast and marks a revival of the image of Godzilla by Japanese cinema. After his episodes in the United States to face King Kong, Godzilla returns to his homeland for what promises to be a pure remake from the film ofIshiro Hondaits original creator. Godzilla Minus One will be released in Japan on November 3, then in the United States on December 1, 2023. It does not currently have a release date in France.

Godzilla returns to Japan: the trailer for Godzilla Minus One

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