Greta Gerwig to Direct Two Narnia Movies for Netflix

Greta Gerwig to Direct Two Narnia Movies for Netflix

The platform wants to relaunch the saga taken from the fantasy books of CS Lewis.

Five years ago, netflix signed a major contract with the heirs of writer CS Lewis to adapt The world of Narnia, both in series and films. This enormous transversal saga has not yet been officially launched, but last November, it was rumored that the box of Ted Sarandos wanted to hire Greta Gerwig to direct a first film or a pilot of this new version of narnia (remember that there have already been several film adaptations since 2005).

It is now official by The New Yorkerwhich reveals that after the release of BarbieGreta Gerwig should direct at least two opuses of narnia for Netflix. She should work in collaboration with Matthew Alrich, the co-writer of coconut for Pixar, to conceive these two films within a larger saga.

Does this announcement mean that Greta Gerwig will not be at the helm of Barbie 2 ? We know that Warner Bros is already working on the sequel, even before knowing if the first opus with Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling will be a success.

Here is the trailer for Barbieon screens from July 19:

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