Check Out Harrison Ford's Understudy Mask in Indiana Jones 5 (Photos)

Check Out Harrison Ford’s Understudy Mask in Indiana Jones 5 (Photos)

The 80-year-old actor didn’t perform all of his stunts. The proof in pictures.

We know it, James Mangold has teamed up with renowned special effects designers to rejuvenate Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, currently in theaters. The actor also performed a few stunts in person, notably on horseback, and his good physical condition was commented on as soon as the film was shown at the last Cannes festival.

Don’t help Harrison Ford get off his horse!

At 80, Harrison Ford can’t perform the film’s most dangerous stunts himself, however, and since there’s no shortage of action sequences in this one, it took “cheat”. For example, by asking the make-up teams to make a latex mask with the effigy of the actor, so that it can be worn by his stunt doubles. The time to shoot a scene on a motorcycle, among other things.

Alistair Whittona stuntman specializing in this kind of high-speed racing (he was notably one of Chris Pratt’s stunt doubles on the Jurassic World)thus wore the mask of Harrison Ford on the set ofIndiana Jones 5and now that the blockbuster has been released all over the world, a few photos of him transformed into a Ford are making the rounds on the web.

These shots of “double” Harrison Ford’s latex boots look quite spooky, immersing viewers in the“uncanny valley”, since by photographing them very closely, we immediately notice that it is not the real face of the actor. However, this process is very practical for shooting action scenes, in motion or filmed from far enough away that the effect is not noticeable. Once boxed, these shots can then be digitally combined with footage of the real Harrison Ford to make the deception go unnoticed…

The trailer ofIndiana Jones 5 :

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