Silo: the season 1 finale explained

Silo: the season 1 finale explained

What exactly happened to Juliette in the last minutes of season 1 of the Apple series? Rebecca Ferguson deciphers the finale and its cliffhanger.

It was time for the ride for Juliette Nichols. The heroine of Silo came out in the final minutes of the finale. But what exactly did she see? Spoiler alert!

After being arrested and sent “to clean up” by Bernard (Tim Robbins), Juliette finds herself outside and moving forward, she discovers a seemingly idyllic sight, showing birds soaring above a green meadow, suggesting that all is well. The same view shown to everyone who was kicked out and made them want to “clean up” the camera lens, so people in the Silo see “really” what is happening. Except that Juliette has already seen this perfect setting somewhere. With the same birds flying in the same formation. It was this video from the hard drive that George wanted to show him. She thus understands that the images in the visor of her helmet are false. So it does not “clean” the lens!

“It’s constantly a lie within a lie”, decrypts Rebecca Ferguson in TVLine. “Throughout Season 1, Juliette struggled to find out what the truth is, to find the way forward. And in the end, she realizes that she was actually on the wrong track!”

Luckily, thanks to Walk and the “hardware” folks, she was able to survive her release. Because the correct thermal tape was used to seal his suit! She is really hermetic this time and Juliette understands that she will be able to continue walking to Bernard’s great displeasure.

It was his last walk, a sort of walk on death row. But finally…” Juliette was able to climb the small hill behind the tree, without ever succumbing. She knelt beside where Holston’s body should be, ignoring the mirage of green flora to give him back his sheriff’s star, before passing over the horizon. And there, the display of his helmet went off. She saw the truth: the world is indeed a toxic and disturbing arid desert. In the distance, very far, is a big city and buildings. But for miles around it are surrounded by many other silos, laid out in exactly the same way.

“I think it’s the most perfect cliffhanger ever,” Ferguson rejoiced to EW. “There couldn’t be any other way to end the season. We’re clearly setting the suspense at the top of the ridge!” It remains to be seen what all this means. What Juliet will do next Because where she goes, there will be “impact on the entire human race. Not just for her. The stakes are incredibly high now.”

Season 2 of Silo is already in production. “People worked very hard to be able to prepare the scripts before the (screenwriters) strike. And it promises to be crazy.”

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