Heartstopper: the trailer for season 2 opens in Paris

Heartstopper: the trailer for season 2 opens in Paris

A school trip to the City of Light is announced in this first video posted by Netflix.

The charming teen series Heartstopping prepares his return and Nick and Charlie will take the direction of France and the most romantic city in the world, to live their first days as a couple as shown in the trailer:

The official synopsis for Season 2 of Heartstopping announces that “Nick and Charlie settle into their new relationship, Tara and Darcy are unsettled by unexpected complications, and Tao and Ella wonder if they’ll ever be more than friends. The gang, grappling with life, love and friendship, has plenty to keep busy with upcoming exams, a school trip to Paris and a ball to organize.”

Kit Connor and Joe Locke will be cast in this adaptation of Alice Oseman’s webcomic.

The eight episodes of season 2 of Heartstopping will be available to stream Thursday, August 3 on Netflix.

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