Homelander elected President in season 4 of The Boys?

“I can’t believe it happened…”: season 4 of The Boys will be even crazier!

Eric Kripke does it again after an already very hot first trailer.

You think you’ve seen it all ? With The Boys, it’s always further, gorier, trashier! To the end of the extreme limit. So much so that even the showrunner, Eric Kripkehallucinate.

On Twitter, the producer posted a message to put a part back in the machine, after the buzz generated by the already insane trailer for season 4. And he promises total chaos:

“I would just like to add (to this trailer) that I was in the edit today, working on a scene from season 4. And I think it’s the craziest thing we’ve ever done ! Frankly, I can’t even understand how it got through (with the studio and the broadcaster Prime Video).”

In other words, The Boys will try to surpass the Herogasm or Flight 37 sequences, with ever crazier stuff, in its next chapter where Homelander should grant himself full powers…

We can not wait to see it. This fourth season of The Boys will be available in 2024, on Prime Video;

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