Imagine, the TF1 short fiction competition, reveals its jury

Imagine, the TF1 short fiction competition, reveals its jury

Do you want to submit a short film? Applications are open until October 20.

For its first edition, launched last year, the Imagine competition, organized by TF1, attracted around a hundred applications. Fifty short films were selected, then a handful of them received awards, including The Compliment Shopby Titouan Laporte, and Fathers, mothers and supportersby Fabrice Garate Delgado and Alexandre Lenoble, noticed by the jury.

The second edition of the competition will take place on December 5, and the channel, in partnership with Première (but also Kaptain Music, Sony, Le Film Français, Newen Studios, Photocinerent, SACD, La copy Privée and Ciné MasterClass) announces today its new jury, made up of media and production professionals. “After the enthusiasm generated by the first edition, the Group reaffirms its strong desire to reveal and support the talents of tomorrow,” first explains the press release, before the three creators of the Imagine competition, Maxime Barberi, Benoît Causse and Evita Karfi, reveal the following list:

– Julie de Bona, actress president of the jury
– Anne Didier, director of French fiction at TF1
– Lionel Abelanski, actor
– Alexia Lucet, TF1 responsible for TF1 and TNT cinema acquisitions
– Mona Achache, director (HPI)
– Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, screenwriter (HPI)
– Fabienne Arbelot, producer (Champion)
– Yoann de Birague, artists agent
– Stéphane Finot, casting director
– David Asselino, Newen, literary director

Creators of short fiction films can submit an application until October 20. Then the jury will look at the selected works (a maximum of a hundred) during November to award its prizes on December 5, 2023. Two categories are open: shortcom (1′ to 5′) or short film (5′ to 10′). ).

“Within the TF1 Group, we are attached to the variety of
genres, formats, stories that have the power to stimulate reflection and emotions, completes the press release. This is why participants must integrate the dialogue line ‘Look into my eyes’ into their productions this year.”

For more information and/or to submit a short film, go to the website IMAGINE competition

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