Impacted by the strike, the filming of the live version of Dragons is postponed

Impacted by the strike, the filming of the live version of Dragons is postponed

Scheduled this summer under the direction of Dean DeBlois in Ireland, the film has no more shooting dates.

Last February, we learned that Universal intended to shoot a live action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragonthe first part of the saga Dragons from Dreamworks. The project then moved quickly, since after confirming that the director of the original animated film, Dean DeBlois, would be at the helm of this new version, the studio announced in May his cast.

Mason Thamesthe revelation of Black Phone (2021), will play Harold Horrib’ Haddock III, the hero of the saga. Aged 16, he will take over the role held vocally by Jay Baruchel since 2010. Opposite him, Astrid Hofferson – dubbed by America Ferrera in VO – will be played by Nico Parker20, who played Joel’s daughter in the first episodes of The Last of Us.

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In announcing this distribution, Universal also blocked filming dates in Belfast as early as August. But now that the summer is well under way, it turns out that this shoot at Titanic studios (which was also supposed to host Black Runner 2099) has been postponed because of the writers’ and actors’ strike that is currently affecting Hollywood, explains Screen Daily.

The team will therefore have to wait for the end of the demonstrations to officially launch Dragons in live-action. The film is scheduled for March 2025 at the cinema, but this date could also be postponed, because once shot, this type of blockbuster requires a significant post-production time, especially for the creation of special effects. Because to convince the public, it will be necessary to animate the very popular Toothless (and the other dragons) brilliantly!

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