Inception was supposed to be a horror film reveals Christopher Nolan

Inception was supposed to be a horror film reveals Christopher Nolan

The director reviewed his copy during development.

Recently, Christopher Nolan expressed his desire to one day make a horror film. And he reveals today that it already almost happened with… Inception !

Indeed, his great science fiction classic was originally conceived as an anxiety film, but the direction changed during the development of the production. In an interview with The Telegraph, he confided:

“At first I thought I was making a horror film with Inception. But it ended up becoming this sci-fi project.”

Christopher Nolan then explains that what excited him in Inception, it's the idea of ​​being able to steal people's dreams. A distressing theme if ever there was one: “I was looking for a device through which dreams would become important in the story. I loved this idea that someone could invade your dream space and steal an idea. I found it very exciting. The real strength of the concept is that dreams seem real when we are in them and that makes the whole film work.“.

We can clearly see the horrific potential in all of this. Freddy had already used dreams to cause carnage in the cinema… The filmmaker's concept ended up evolving into a science fiction thriller.

Christopher Nolan will be the favorite for the Oscars on March 10 with Oppenheimer.

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