Inside Jamel Comedy Club: the cult series is finally available for streaming

Inside Jamel Comedy Club: the cult series is finally available for streaming

The mockumentary with Fabrice Eboué, Blanche Gardin and Thomas Ngijol resurfaces.

We stopped believing it would happen. 14 years after its broadcast on Canal Plus, Inside Jamel Comedy Club is finally legally available on the internet. A week ago, the Jamel Comedy Club YouTube channel started uploading the 8 episodes of the series at the rate of one per day, and they are now complete. A miracle for fans who until now had to rely on pirated versions on the web in poor quality, and regularly deleted, to see and rewatch this UFO never rebroadcast on television or released on DVD.

Despite this treatment, a true cult has been built aroundInside Jamel Comedy Club, a hilarious and irreverent fictional documentary that tells the real-false behind-the-scenes story of the Jamel Comedy Club tour in its early days. Written by Blanche Gardin and Fabrice Ebouéalso with the help of Thomas Ngijol, the series features the artists in their own roles: Amelle Chahbi, Claudia Tagbo, Yacine, Dédo, Noom Diawara, Frédéric Chau and Wahid Bouzidi, who died last August. Plus Jean-François Cayrey, irresistible in the role of the beauf manager.

Inspired by mockumentaries The Office, Inside sketches all the members of the troupe, including its authors and Jamel Debbouze who appears in the first and last episode. With a biting tone, sometimes bordering on it, tackling the most difficult subjects possible (anti-Semitism, racism, disability, etc.). It is undoubtedly this cocktail which has given its longevity to the series, an inexhaustible source of memes seducing new generations, like Killian Mbappé taking up the famous “café brioche” by Thomas Ngijol.

View or rewatch the Inside Jamel Comedy Club in 2023, it means confronting uninhibited humor, both subtle and in-depth, ignoring political correctness without ever being oppressive. A breath of air that we recommend you take in with your lungs.

What I’m really proud of, and that I can watch again easily, is really this series. I think that’s where I hit on something that’s almost true.“, Fabrice Eboué told us in 2019 for the 10th anniversary of the series. “It’s the best thing I could do today as an author and director. It’s my humor, it’s 100% like me.”

It is the same for me“, supported Blanche Gardin. “I say that often, but it’s the only thing I’m totally proud of, also because it’s the only project we did together with Fabrice.

The story of Inside Jamel Comedy Club by Blanche Gardin and Fabrice Eboué

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