Invasion on Apple TV+: “Season 2 goes deeper into the action”

Invasion on Apple TV+: “Season 2 goes deeper into the action”

Director Alik Sakharov deciphers his dramatic vision behind the sci-fi spectacle.

It is one of the best series on Apple TV+, season 2 of which is currently being broadcast on the platform (and in France on Canal +). Invasion continued in a more scathing manner the alien attack that began discreetly in season 1. This time, the Aliens are there, in broad daylight, and ravaging the streets of the world. “We are losing” laments from the start the President of the new World Union, in charge of coordinating the response. The war is there, in the four corners of the globe, and season 2 opens in Osaka, Japan, with these spiked Aliens pounced on a panicking crowd:

“We designed this as the first scene of season 2, a total action scene, quite special. The course of the action was described in very detail”explains the director to Première Alik Sakharovwhich points out that season 1 was “excellent preparation for the action unfolding in season 2. Yes, we are now taking the action further to try to explore what is hidden under the hood of the Aliens.”

No more show, but Invasion remains a science fiction series that stands out from the others by its fully assumed human perspective. It is not the soldiers, the strategists or the fighters who are the heroes of the drama, but ordinary people, confronted with the extraordinary. “I don’t draw a distinct line between SF and drama”, tempers the director, previously passed by Game Of Thrones Or The Witcher.

“In Invasion, what happened was a tragedy of the greatest magnitude ever seen, which impacted everyone: Earth, our home, was invaded. This is the basis of the drama, the basis of the whole story. The survival of human beings is at stake. From this point of view, I actually tend to favor a human perspective, so certainly the series is more character and drama oriented. So everything depends on performance in my opinion. The hardest part isn’t making the explosions, it’s making it all believable. If the spectator believes in what he experiences, is moved, reacts to what is happening on the screen, then we have done things well as a filmmaker.”

It remains to be seen whether the battle against the aliens will end this year… or if Invasion is intended to continue in a season 3. Obviously, nothing has been decided yet and Alik Sakharov comments soberly: “I don’t know any more than you at the moment. That’s all I can say…”

Season 2 ofInvasion is broadcast with one episode every Wednesday and will end on October 25 on Apple TV+ (and in France on Canal +).

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