It's official, Jeremy Allen White is going to play Bruce Springsteen

It's official, Jeremy Allen White is going to play Bruce Springsteen

The Bear star will cook an album for Scott Cooper in Deliver Me From Nowhere, the Boss biopic.

Things were not long in coming. While last month, the media used the conditional on the involvement of Jeremy Allen White in the biopic dedicated to Bruce Springsteenit’s now official.

The information was relayed by several American media including Deadline. Awarded this year at the Golden Globes for his role as a cook in the series The Bearand seen recently in Iron ClawJeremy Allen White continues his rise by becoming “the boss” – a choice that is generally well received. On the other hand, if no one questions his acting talents, his blond, blue-eyed physique gets people talking. Surely a wig and contacts will make everyone agree?

Based on the book by Warren Zanes, Deliver Me from Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska and directed by Scott Cooper (Hostiles, The Pale Blue Eye), this project intended for the cinema will tell the genesis of Springsteen's sixth album, Nebraska. At the very beginning of the 1980s, when the American artist was at the height of his fame, pressure led him to isolate himself in his native New Jersey where he composed an intimate album. With titles like “Atlantic City” And “Open All Night”, Nebraska marks a turning point in the boss's career and receives much praise – like this rave review at the time in the prestigious Rolling Stone.

Bruce Springsteen in book, in 1984.

Bruce Springsteen and his manager Jon Landau are actively involved in the project, now supported by 20th Century after long discussions with other studios also interested.

In an official statement, the director explained the impact Springsteen left on his life and the reasons for this biopic:

“Bruce Springsteen and Nebraska in particular have had a profound impact on my personal and professional life. Through themes of despair, disillusionment, and the everyday problems faced by all Americans, Bruce left an unprecedented legacy, painting an unflinching portrait of the human condition. And yet, in the midst of this darkness, there is a sense of resilience, a sense of hope that shines through, reflecting an invincible spirit. This is the Bruce that I have learned to know, to love and that I am going to honor in this film.”

Filming is expected to begin this fall, once the actor has completed the new season of The Bear.

The Bear will be entitled to a season 4 on Disney +

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