Matt Damon Tells the Brad Pitt Joke That Driven George Clooney Crazy

Matt Damon Tells the Brad Pitt Joke That Driven George Clooney Crazy

You never get bored in Hollywood.

George Clooney got tricked by brad pitt during the filming ofOcean’s Twelvereported Matt Damon during an episode of the CNN podcast “Who’s talking about Chris Wallace“, aired on July 22.

He tells how Brad Pitt sent a letter written in Italian to the attention of the local team with whom the production of the film worked during the shooting on behalf of George Clooney, specifically asking never to look him in the eye.

The letter stated:

“You will only call him Mr Clooney or Mr Ocean”

As the days passed, Clooney began to find people’s behavior towards him increasingly strange, before finally figuring out the deception. Matt Damon recalls: “I had never seen him so mad with anger! ». Brad admitted his wrongdoing and apologized, not unhappy that his prank worked.

His buddy, did not let it go. Accustomed to dirty talk of this kind, he hastened to stick “small penis on board” on Brad Pitt’s car for revenge.

Ocean’s Eleven: George Clooney’s good joke that convinced Julia Roberts to join the cast

The stars involved in this story are famous for having multiplied this kind of jokes during their careers. Especially during the production of the saga Ocean’s. It is also thanks to a funny letter from Clooney that Julia Roberts agreed to play her love-interest in movies.

Matt Damon recalls on this subject that on the set of the film Men Monuments, Clooney (who was also the director) had asked the teams to take back all his outfits to make him believe that he had gained weight! Like Brad Pitt, he got caught, Damon having quickly understood that he was making fun of him…

Sacred joker our George, but sometimes it’s the sprinkler who is watered.

Matt Damon didn’t want to “plant” his Bourne friends, even for Avatar!

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