The Witcher: what we know about season 4

The Witcher: what we know about season 4

What release date? What cast? What intrigues? We tell you everything.

It’s already over for season 3 of The Witcher. And season 4 could take a while to arrive!

If the new episodes are already written and season 4 has indeed been ordered by Netflix, filming may be postponed. Production has not officially started yet. According to Production Weekly, the filming of season 4 of The Witcher was supposed to debut in September 2023, but it was postponed due to the Hollywood strike. The latest reported – and unofficial – information indicates a production launch in early 2024, which seems more than likely, knowing that the ongoing social conflict is still far from a favorable outcome.

What date for season 4 of The Witcher ?

Obviously no date yet, but the filming being postponed to next year, we should not expect to see season 4 of The Witcher for at least two years. Or a broadcast in the summer of 2025 on Netflix, at the earliest!

Season 4 of The Witcher will it be the last?

At first no. Netflix would have ordered season 5 at the same time as the fourth, but this remains to be formalized. Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary saga is vast. There are about ten books and miscellaneous short stories, so the series still has plenty to do. Moreover, there was talk that it lasts 7 seasons at the start.

What casting for season 4 of The Witcher ?

Liam Hemsworthknown for his role in the saga The Hunger Gameswill take the place of Henry Cavill. He will be the new Gerlat de Riv and he is already fully into the role, preparing himself physically and psychologically by reading all the books. The other main actors, namely Freya Allan (Ciri) Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Joey Batey (Jasker) will be back in the cast.

What a story for season 4 of The Witcher ?

The departure ofHenry Cavill will turn the cards upside down and according to the production, the star would now be Princess Cirilla! “One of the most important things about Ciri is that we will slowly discover that she is the main character of the Witcher saga. Not Geralt, not Yennefer. This is Ciri’s story”, says executive producer Tomek Baginski on Netflix. A way of seeing things that seems especially linked to the resignation of its star actor.

Anyway, we understand that season 4 of The Witcher will be largely turned towards the young heroine, influenced by Falka (Hiftu Quasem) at the end of Season 3. This Redanian princess launched a violent rebellion against her father after he cut her out of the succession. She was then burned at the stake, but not before swearing that her enemies would suffer the wrath of a child with her own blood… Ciri? “Falka presents him with this other way, much more brutal. The fire pulls her in and Falka pulls her in…and Ciri essentially gives up her powers.” summary Freya Allan.

“We learned that she is powerful. We learned that this power can turn into good or bad, but even Ciri isn’t quite sure who she really is,” emphasizes the executive producer. “The more she discovers how to control what is inside her, the more questions she asks herself. Maybe she is the villain of the story… For such a young person, this is a devastating question, because everyone wants to be the hero of their own story. But if it is, his true destiny is not to become a witch, a savior, someone good. Maybe her destiny is to become a villain and destroy the world.”

Geralt will have to deal with it in season 4. He who tried to make him understand the heavy consequences of taking a life may have a bad surprise when he finds his princess: “We’ll find out what Geralt thinks of Ciri’s hot new mentality when we see him again in Season 4!”

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