Donald Glover will co-write the Star Wars series himself: Lando

Donald Glover will co-write the Star Wars series himself: Lando

He will work with his brother, but without director Justin Simien, for Disney+.

If the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story divided fans upon its release in 2018, recording far more disappointing scores than expected for Lucasfilm/Disney, everyone agreed on the performance of Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian.

The comedian has since expressed his excitement at the idea of ​​replaying the pilot played by Billy Dee Williams in the original films. While expressing concern that the character could have her features endlessly, since her entire body was scanned in costume during filming. His image can therefore be taken over by Disney as they see fit in the future.

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So that the series lando corresponds to his vision of the character, you might as well get totally involved: Above the Line reveals that Donald has just agreed to co-write the series Star Wars dedicated to Lando for Disney+. He will work alongside his brother Stephen Glover. On the other hand, Justin Simiem, the director of Dear White People and haunted Mansionwhich was previously announced, pulled out of the project.

What happened to Lando between having the Millennium Falcon stolen from him by Han Solo (played by Aleden Ehrenreich in the prequel) and finding it again in The Empire Strikes Back (played by Harrison Ford)? While the original trilogy gives some details about Lando’s journey, there are enough gray areas to explore in the series. Will he meet Qi’Ra again, played by Emilia Clarke? Or Darth Maul, glimpsed in Solo as Ray Park?

In addition to this series on Lando, Donald Glover recently signed for act in the movie Community, which should, as promised, close the story of the series. For the moment, all these projects are on stand-by because of the writers’ and actors’ strike that is in full swing in Hollywood.

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