Our top Disney Plus Marvel series after Secret Invasion

Our top Disney Plus Marvel series after Secret Invasion

Where is the latest iteration of the MCU for the streaming platform? Far from the best!

Among the programs made available to Disney Plus subscribers, the Marvel series hold a special place. Of course, there are those previously produced for Netflix that joined the catalog last year. But above all, there are the Marvel series, directly connected to the MCU films. While some are undeniably successful, others are perfectly avoidable. Here is our ranking.

9) Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)

It is certainly the most forgettable of all. Malcolm Spellman has signed a very down-to-earth series, thought of as a direct sequel to‘Avengers: Endgame, painfully trying to weave a new conspiratorial mythology capable of taking up the torch of Hydra, in a society dangerously panicked, crumbly and in search of a post-“blip” savior from Thanos. The chaotic storytelling and uninspired direction ultimately served only one purpose: to introduce a new Captain America.
What impact on the MCU? Falcon and the Winter Soldier actually serves as a preface to several important films expected in the sequel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First, Sam Wilson Will Take Over The Shield In The Next Movie Captain America: New World Order, scheduled for July 24, 2024 in theaters. Afterwards, Thunderboltssince the series introduces Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who will mount her suicide squad around John Walker / US Agent (Wyatt Russell).

8) Secret Invasion (2023)

It is the lowest rated Marvel series on Rotten Tomatoes: 57%! It’s not much… And if the reviews are so harsh, it’s because expectations were high. Kyle Bradstreet never got around to writing the promised big conspiracy thriller. The geopolitical stakes remained at the level of the daisies and the botched finale ended up disappointing the fans. The only thing to save is called Sonya Falsworth, boss of British intelligence embodied with mischief and charisma by the fantastic Olivia Colman. We hope we will see her again soon in the MCU. At least Secret Invasion might have been used for this…
What impact on the MCU? To everyone’s surprise, the series just created the most powerful of all Marvel Universe characters. G’iah finds himself with the powers Captain Marvel, Hulk, Groot and so many others. And here is the Skrull Emilia Clarke propelled to the rank of omnipotent entity of the MCU. How will the saga deal with this new biblical deal?

7) she hulk (2022)

The huge industrial disaster that the first episodes foreshadowed did not ultimately take place. Admittedly, the mediocre special effects and this infamous fluorescent green Jennifer Walters do not help to fit into the program. But the legal comedy imagined by Jessica Gao is ultimately full of funny moments, cool winks and memorable cameos (Megan Thee Stallion?!).
What impact on the MCU? Special mention for the comeback of Charlie Cox in the costume of Dardevil. His duet with Tatiana Maslany worked at full capacity and could well rebound in the new series dedicated to Marvel’s blind hero, currently being filmed. Still, for the time being, no presence of she hulk is not announced in any upcoming Marvel movies.

6) Miss Marvel (2022)

It is with intelligence that Marvel has been able to introduce this superheroine of the Muslim faith. Bisha K. Ali was able to write a complex character, endearing, full of contractions but also imbued with a refreshing lightness, supported by the demented staging of the duo of Belgian directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Well-integrated culture and a tangy pop form, inspired by 90s high school movies, which made Miss Marvel an interesting creation for Disney Plus… At least in its first part. Because the euphoria ends up falling as the story approaches the end, the fault of the repeated staging effects and a plunging plot.
What impact on the MCU? Iman Vilani still passed the test with flying colors and will return to The Marvels, next November at the cinema. She has what it takes to take over from Brie Larson and become the new Captain Marvel of the MCU.

5) Moon Knight (2022)

Delivering a dantesque double performance, Oscar Isaac made a sensational entry into the MCU. A Marvel series that juggles between personalities and is unlike any other. The Egyptian director Mohamed Diab staged this schizophrenic waltz with joyful energy and knew how to mix everything into a pharaonic adventure in the vein of a IndianaJones made in MCU. The choreography has been meticulously thought out and you never know on which foot to dance with this unstable hero.
What impact on the MCU? A crazy and unique story in the Marvel Universe. Steven Grant is not expected soon in the saga and we have the feeling that Oscar Isaac has signed for a one-shot.

4) Hawkeye (2021)

No one would have put a coin on Clint Barton! And yet, the archer of the MCU is at the head of one of the best series in the Marvel universe. Without a doubt the most fun! Jonathan Igla wrote a prank diehard which hits the bullseye. An action comedy set during the holiday season in New York that combines Hawkeye to a young, hectic fan named Kate Bishop. The duo that shoots faster than its shadow works at full capacity. The lines fuse and the crazy action sequences are linked with a lot of rhythm. Not to mention the resounding return of Vincent d’Onofrio as Caïd!
What impact on the MCU? While waiting to find out what place Kate Bishop will take in the continuation of the franchise, we will discover from November 29 the spin-off Echodedicated to Maya Lopez, the first deaf Native American heroine of the MCU.

3) What if…? (2021)

Based on the comics of the same name, this animated series replays the Marvel Cinematic Universe, changing a major element of the story. What if Thanos was nice? What if Peggy Carter had taken the “Super Soldier” serum instead of Steve Rogers? A delightful introduction to the multiverse, narrated by the immense Jeffrey Wright, in the skin of The Watcher. Each little story is packed with fun and references to the franchise’s vast past.
What impact on the MCU? More essential to the MCU than initially thought, What if…? made it possible to explore the concept of the multiverse, in the wake of Loki and before Doctor Strange 2part of which (the one with the Illuminati) is largely based on the events of the animated series, which will be entitled to a season 2 in 2024.

2) Wanda Vision (2021)

First successful attempt for the Marvel Universe, brought to the small screen in spectacular fashion with this wildly original first series of the MCU. A mix between a tribute to old sitcoms of yesteryear and a modern Marvel blockbuster. We are surprised at each episode and Elizabeth Olsen finally has the opportunity to show the extent of her talent. Matt Shakman’s inspired direction does the rest. Moreover, Kevin Feige immediately entrusted him with the direction of the new Fantastic Four (released in 2025).
What impact on the MCU? Doctor Strange 2 acts as a direct sequel, but the series will above all be entitled to a magical spin-off with Agatha Harkness.

1) Loki (2021)

It’s the best Marvel series right now. A crazy, surprising and thrilling epic through space-time, which introduced the Multiverse within the MCU, showing that it could remain fun, exciting, without too much hassle! Tom Hiddleston excels there, well accompanied by Owen Wilson, with whom he forms an explosive duo.
What impact on the MCU? First planned to be a limited series, Loki will return for a season 2, which will be released on October 6 on Disney Plus. Its creator, Michael Waldron, is now one of the most influential authors in the Marvel Universe. He wrote the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Sam Raimi and is currently working on the scenario of the highly anticipated Avengers: Secret Wars (planned for 2027).

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