The James Bond Girls: Halle Berry, the most feline

The James Bond Girls: Halle Berry, the most feline

Die another day will return Sunday evening on France 2.

In 2012, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond saga, First released a special issue dedicated to the spy and returned each day to a key element of the saga: one of the interpreters of 007, a James Bond Girl, an unforgettable sequence, a gadget… On the occasion of the rebroadcast of die another dayfocus on Halle Berryaka Jinx.

Countdown 007: Die Another Day Decrypted

In 2002, James Bond celebrated its 40th birthday and its 20th episode. New Zealand director Lee Tamahori (The Soul of Warriors) directed Pierce Brosnan for what will be her last appearance in the becoming costume of 007 and entrusts the role of the James Bond Girl to the sublime Halle Berryfor an anniversary episode which, drowned in a deluge of incomprehensible special effects, will teem with references to the series.

At that time, Halle Berrybuoyed by the success of X-Men and recent Oscar winner for In the shadow of hate, plays Jinx, a mysterious woman with unclear motivations. But also a sculptural young woman who, forty years later Ursula AndressIn Dr No (photo n°3), will come out of the blue sea in an orange bikini, for a strong tribute to the first part of the saga.

Sensual and feline to the tips of her nails, Halle Berry will bring all his animality and his charisma to this physical role, one of the rare positive points of this episode – let’s forget the preposterous scenario, the non-existent villain and the ridiculous cameo of Madonna as a discolored fencer, also guilty of the pitiful song of the credits – which will however have the merit of having been the biggest card of the period Pierce Brosnan.

Rosamund Pike: “James Bond Girl? It’s very cool to be part of the club!”

Two years later, Hollywood decision-makers will have been convinced by the feline qualities of Halle Berry and will offer her on a set the role of catwoman in the catastrophic nanar directed by Pitof. Meow.

The story of die another day : A secret operation, led in North Korea by James Bond and two of his men, is compromised by an unidentified traitor. A chase ensued. hovercraft during which the North Korean colonel Moon is killed and his lieutenant, Zao, is seriously injured. James Bond is captured and thrown into a military prison.

After several months of detention, the latter was released on the occasion of a prisoner exchange organized by Falco, the director of the National Security Agency. Removed from his duties, the former secret agent is determined to find Zao and unmask the traitor who led to his downfall. His quest, rich in twists, will lead him to meet the beautiful and mysterious Jinx and Gustav Graves, a megalomaniac owner of a sumptuous Icelandic ice palace and a weapon of unsuspected power.

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