Jane Campion's Oscar-winning film The Power of the Dog is to be removed from Netflix UK

Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning film The Power of the Dog is to be removed from Netflix UK

The height for a film with the mention “Netflix original” capable of winning Oscars…

In 2019, netflix acquired worldwide broadcast rights for The Power of the Dog, under an agreement entered into by Cross City Film. The film then triumphed at the 94th Academy Awards with 12 nominations and an Oscar for Best Director for Jane Campion (The Piano Lesson). A nice revenge for the streaming giant long neglected from official ceremonies.

For Jane Campion, Netflix’s troubles are bad news

We learn, however, that despite his dithyrambic reception, The Power of the Dog will be removed from Netflix UK from August 19. Do not panic, however, it is common for the streaming platform to sort through its catalog: when an operating license comes to an end, it must indeed renegotiate it and is sometimes forced to withdraw (often temporarily) the content. For the month of August alone, for example, more than 70 programs from different studios will disappear: you will have to say goodbye to the film The Mummycomedy Tedtwo-pronged sage Back to the future, And even part of the collection of animated films dedicated to Barbie.

What’s most amazing here is that the film is a Netflix original creation… with an exclusive deal. Behind this gray area hides the BBC Films, which co-produced and financially supported the fiction. Although nothing has been announced yet, this may mean the film could be handed over to BBC iPlayer, the company’s own streaming service.

This type of deletion is of great concern to fans of series and films these days, because they are on the increase: Disney+ has notably deleted the series Willow only a few weeks after it was put online, for lack of audiences. Ditto for the prequel grease on Paramount+. The question is all the more debated as certain projects produced by streaming platforms, then barely broadcast, are not visible on DVD or blu-ray…

Disney will no longer release DVDs and Blu-rays in Australia

The good news here is that Criterion has released a physical edition of The Power of the Dog, and that the movie’s removal will only apply to the UK, as the western is not on Netflix US’ August removals list. Besides, this appears to be temporary: the original distribution deal for the film provided for a one-year exclusivity window for the BBC; once this year is over, the film will once again be available on Netflix UK.

To wait, the English will always be able to find his actor Benedict Cumberbatch starring in another Netflix film, that of Wes Anderson, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugarwhich will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

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