This Game of Thrones star "inconsolable" so much the last 2 seasons were "sloppy"

This Game of Thrones star “inconsolable” so much the last 2 seasons were “sloppy”

The interpreter of Lord Varys believes that the series has not done justice until the end to his character.

We haven’t finished hearing about the end of Game Of Thrones. Four years later, the criticisms are still just as harsh and often come from the cast. Conleth Hillwho played Lord Varys, today tells The Times that he was “frustratedwhen he found out his character was going to be killed off in the show’s penultimate episode, feeling that the show didn’t live up to his character, master of manipulation, all the way:

“I thought maybe I did something wrong.“, laments Conleth Hill. “Until the last two seasons, I had no complaints. But I got really frustrated with the last two, because Varys wasn’t the all-knowing character he used to be. He was no longer the one who manipulated in the shadows.”

More generally, he thus analyzes the failed conclusion of Game Of Thrones :

“I think the writers wanted to do one thing for the ending and the HBO studio wanted to do another. I thought the last season was a bit sloppy. better…”

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